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Ikea's hemnes dresser

So I love love love the 8 drawer dresser and thought it would be the one  for the nursery, but I saw it in person today and it's not white... It's a cream/egg shell color!  I don't mind the color so much as I don't think it will look good in a small room with a true white crib. 


Any suggestions?  Have any of you used it with other white-white furniture? 

Re: Ikea's hemnes dresser

  • yeah that irritated me to no end, I am OCD about my furniture matching.  We chose to refinish an old dresser instead.

    however the bookshelf I ordered from PBK is not a true white either, grrr. 

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  • We have it in white, in the same room as the white Gulliver crib and white Expedit bookshelf, I think it matches just fine. (They are on perpendicular walls to each other).

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  • I have the Hemnes dresser with a Pottery Barn white crib (which seems like more of a cream or eggshell to me too).  They look very nice together.  I really love the Hemnes dresser.  I think it's so cute in my daughter's room.  The crib and dresser are on opposite sides of the room so I think that helps, but you really can't notice that they are not the same color (I actually think they might be very similar because I don't think the crib is really true white)
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    I have it with a pure white crib basically right next to it and you don't even notice. I also have the dresser against a pure white wall. 

  • I have the hemnes dresser in a non-matching color in my child's room, it looks good.   It adds a nice pop of color.  I have a white ikea gulliver crib and blue hemnes dresser.

    (Here is another example, not mine) 


  • I thought it would bother me - but ours sits right next to white bookshelves, and I don't even notice.  I would get it if I were you.  I LOVE that dresser.

  • I too have a white crib and the hemnes dresser.  You can barely notice the difference.  There are a lot of pictures on my blog to show you.
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  • We drove 5 hours round-trip to our closest Ikea to buy it and I was surprised at how cream it was, but at that point we were going home with it!  I am a little OCD about stuff like that, especially since we already had shelving and the crib that were a bright white, plus all the trim/blinds/ceiling/door are all bright white.  In the end, it looks fine!  I have it on a wall by itself, so it's not directly next to the crib.  I also bought a cream blanket from Ikea to put over the glider to soften it a little.  It really does look fine, even to an OCD person.  ;)

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  • We have a white crib and the off white Hemnes. Honestly, it bothered me a lot more in the store than it did at home.  For a few days, it bothered me that it didn't match exactly, but now a few weeks later, I don't even notice it. 
  • We have a white crib and even though the shades are a tad off, it's not really noticeable. We also chose to get the smaller hemnes dresser (although it's not really "small" by any means) and I am so glad we did!  The large one would have been too overwhelming for her room size. We will be using it as a changing table as well.

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  • We have an off white (PBK) crib and we got the Red Hemnes dresser and hutch.  We wish the dresser and hutch were more red than they are but oh well, they will have to work.  I really like the Hemnes line. 
  • I was surprised that it was an off-white colour as well. Our crib is a true white(also from ikea). We still bought the dresser. Not everything in the room is going to be white, so it doesn't bother me. Now that we have the room painted and everything decorated I don't even notice the slight difference
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  • Thanks for all your opinions. I think we'll just go for it and I'll try to get over it. I do think it won't be as creamy colored under different lights. 
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