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Moms who CD with thirsties covers

Do you like the duo wrap or just the regular cover for newborns?  Also for the duo wrap: snaps or aplix?  Thanks

Carter Douglas 09.25.12

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Re: Moms who CD with thirsties covers

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    I prefer the duo, it was one of my favorite covers, but they were both good. I used aplix for our NB diapers. I prefer snaps for when baby is bigger and easily removes diapers.


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    I use duo wraps with snaps.  No problems yet!
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    Love the Duo wraps-- the Size One snapped to the smallest setting is smaller than the XS regular cover, so it fits better in the beginning.

    And while I prefer snaps over Aplix on our BumGenius dipes, on the Thirsites covers I prefer Aplix. We have one Duo wrap with snaps and it's hard to get a tight enough fit (DS is a pretty skinny kiddo, though). 

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    we used the regular cover and they worked great. I got them used so I wasn't being too picky, just wanted a good price ;-)
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