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What should we ask?

H and I are going to our first informational adoption seminar tonight.  It is regarding open domestic adoption and is the largest agency in our 3-state region.

I've done a little research but still feel very much in the dark.  Aside from timelines, processes and finances, I don't know what to ask.  I'm sure they'll cover the basics, but what are things that we should ask but wouldn't necessarily think of? 


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    We learned at our informational session that our state is very different then many others, so you may want to find out about how your state is about "adoption laws" and what the pro and cons are from your state and if they recommend you do anything out of the ordinary.  We are currently working with a lawyer since our states laws are considered "not adoption" friendly for adopting parents.  GL

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  • Number of waiting families? 

    How long in business?

    Do they do the home study or have a preferred list of agencies that do them?

    Do you have pre-adoption courses/education requirements (first aid, cpr, infant care, etc)? If so, how many hours and do you offer opportunities to complete those through your agency?

    What is the longest and shortest wait time your agency has experienced? If they'll tell you, you can ask about average wait time.

    Will I be working specifically with one person or with anyone on staff?

    Do you have any reference letters from past couples who have adopted through your agency?

    If you're going to be taking out a loan - do you have any recommendations as to where we could finance this?  

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  • Is the contract you sign with them for the life of your process, or is it updated periodically? Ours was updated every 6 months and it turned some people off

    What happens to any committed $$ if you have a disruption or disappointment?

    If you do have one, do you go to the top of the waiting list?

    What counseling if available to all members of the triad, and for how long?

    They may cover more than basics. The webinar we first attended with our agency was comprehensive

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