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8 weeks pregnant in graduate school

Anyone ever experience being pregnant in graduate school?  It's hard to talk to others who are not students, because they don't understand what I am going through.

Re: 8 weeks pregnant in graduate school

  • I haven't personally.. but I did just graduate, and knowing how stressful college is all on its' own, my thoughts go out to you!

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  • I am currently 4 semesters in to my graduate studies.  I've decided that after this semester I'm taking a little bit of time off so I can enjoy the pregnancy and take the time to read up on baby, and do the things that I want to do before baby arrives.
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  • Yes, and been working too is very stressful! With all the work load of graduate school, the job and pregnant is not easy. I saw the books when I arrive from job and I just want to sleep!!!!
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  • Me! It hasn't been so bad so far, but lots of girls in my class have been pregnant. I'm in a cohort program through my company though, so it may be a little different environment than your program.  good luck to you!

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  • I'm 10 weeks pregnant in grad school, and have found that people who aren't in a grad program often don't understand how hard it is to manage all the competing demands and plan a future that balances baby and education, but also that there are many people in my graduate program who I can't talk to about my concerns. I recently had to reveal my pregnancy to administrators well before I wanted to because of complications that arose from funding assignments. And I'll have to go back to teaching 6 weeks after giving birth to keep my health insurance and income. :( Just know that there you're not alone in whatever struggles you're facing as a pregnant grad student!


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  • I have now been pregnant twice while in Grad School and work in an academic advising office for Graduate students.

    I started my Masters in Accounting in Fall 2010. We had been told it would take at least a year to get pregnant, so I figured I would obtain my Master's as a distraction. I ended up getting pregnant 9 days after my first course started. I took last summer off when I had DS, and there were times that I wish I would have taken my classes as I would be done in August instead of December.

    If you are anything like me, it is extremely difficult to concentrate and I do not feel that my quality of work is the same while pregnant. However, I encourage you to buckle down and get as much done before your LO arrives. I have so many things I would rather do, but I know once I have 2 LO's, I just wont have the time any more. I will finish in December, about 2 weeks after this LO is born. 

    From a working standpoint, people that stop out due to pregnancy/birth tend to have a more difficult time coming back. Most grad programs have a strict time frame to complete and if you fail to complete, you have to start over. 

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  • I'm currently in grad school, but my degree program is all online.  So I'm not quite in the same situation.  Luckily I have my last class this fall and it's a condensed course (7.5 weeks instead of 15 weeks) so it'll be over before our LO is born.  I know it sounds a little strange, but maybe one of your professors might understand your situation a little better?  In undergrad, I had two professors that I know I would have turned to if I was pregnant.
  • Yup. I just had to register for the fall and found myself having to explain to professors already that I would be missing some classes and I might need to hand work in early to accommodate my due date. Nothing like starting out on the right foot! Luckily, they were pretty understanding. I also am taking some easier electives next semester rather than the harder classes I was originally planning on.
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  • It isn't *totally* fair, but I am teaching Grad school for the first time. I am finding it extremely stressful since I want to do an amazing job and get good references for when I am ready to go back to work in the future, but I am having twins. I am tired all the time.

    Though it seems that because I make my own work schedule (minus classtime) that I would be less stressed, but I always feel like the responsibility is hanging over me. I am hoping that as I become more familiar with teaching, and maybe when the worst of thus nausea passes, I will feel more sane.

    I don't have advice; I just wanted to say that I know about the push and pull of school.
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  • Yes.  I currently am.  It is going fine so far-- I'm just really busy, and now tha tI have to sleep a ton, extra curriculars are becoming less frequent.


  • I'm in grad school now, graduating in May but planning on taking more classes in the fall anyway. I'm also crazy sick most of the time, strung out on Zofran, and trying to balance work with homework and papers and sleep (blessed sleep!). It isn't easy, but its totally 100 percent do-able. You can make it. I found my professors were really supportive and more than willing to work with me on things when I told them, too. The only thing you might need to work out in advance is your due date this fall and classes...I'm taking one class online through my university, so I'm not anticipating it will be a big deal, but I double majored in undergrad and worked two jobs, and I've taken overload credit hours every other semester, so I'm no stranger to just balancing time and pushing through even when its hard....(course, I've never done a newborn + a class, but people do way crazier things and live to tell about it).
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  • Thank you so much! It feels so good to hear from others who are going through the same thing!  Good luck with your journey!
  • I feel the same way!  I have absolutely no energy to do anything!  I feel like I would be getting more done and I would be better at meeting deadlines if I wasn't pregnant.  But I am in the same boat.  After the LO arrives, I will graduate two weeks later.  So I plan on doing my best to finish school this year, and not stop going and then come back.
  • Thank you!  Good luck!
  • I was pg with my first when I started grad school.  I took a semester off when she was born, and then went back.  I wish I had taken more classes when I was pg.  I know that being pg is overwhelming and exciting, but you will be so consumed by your baby once s/he arrives.  It really is easier to get the work done now.
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  • I just completed my 3rd semester of working towards my masters. I decided to sit our the upcoming fall semester since baby is due right in the the midst of mid terms/finals. But plan to pick things up again in the spring.
  • Hi.  Looks like this thread has been dead for a while.  I'm a graduate student in economics, due in Feb 2015.  Will probably just take me an extra year to get the PhD, but hoping for no serious complications with me or my adviser.
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