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Jackson's 4 Hour Induction

We were admitted to the hospital on Tuesday morning for induction due to my medical issues (Only having one good kidney). And pitocin was given at somewhere close to 6:45. It was a bit of a disappointment for me because I had wanted so badly to have a natural experience, but when the chips were down, getting him here safely and keeping myself healthy were far more important. 

I had been warned about pitocin contractions and everything I had heard was true for my experience. My natural contractions, which had started the night before without regularity, were definitely manageable. After about 30 minutes of pit contractions that were a minute apart I caved and asked for the epidural.

At this point they turned off my pit and we waited for the nurse anesthetist. He was there within 20 minutes. They administered the epidural by my machine kept beeping saying that there was a kink in the system somewhere. They rolled me over to my left side at around 9:30 am. By about 10 my right side was killing me I rolled onto my back and my nurse suggested at around 10:30 to lay on my right side to let the meds even out. I called her 5 minutes later to tell her I was feeling a lot of pressure. She checked and told me not to push til my doctor got there.

Doctor was ready to go at 10:40 and by 10:55 my little man was here and perfect! We had very minimal tearing and my epidural experience was great. 

This was our first and I definitely wasn't expecting it to go this fast or this easy but I'm so glad that it did. I had heard horror stories about the first baby being an induction that took 20 hours or so and I was terrified. But I guess my body was ready and just needed to be kicked into gear. 


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  • yay, congratulations! What a great story, sorry it didnt go as planned for you, but you and babies safety is what's most important :-)
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  • I could have posted the exact same story four years ago, with my son Jackson. And my DH is also a cop! LOL!!!  Congrats to you!!
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