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When are kids ready for bunk beds?

My 2-year-olds are obviously not going to be in bunk beds for a while, but for future bedroom furniture planning I'm wondering at what age kids are normally ready for bunk beds?

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Re: When are kids ready for bunk beds?

  • My DD and SD did bunk beds at 4 & 6.  SD was on the top because she is the older one.
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  • I have read that around age 6 is normal but I think it really depends on the kids.  My older DD will be 6 in June and I would not put her in bunk beds yet - she is a dare devil and who knows what she would do.  I could see my now 4 year old being ready by age 6 (in 2 years) as she just doesn't do the same types of things as her older sister.  My sister moved her DD into a loft bed at around 9 but has yet to get her DS who is 8 bunk beds as she just doesn't feel like he is ready.
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  • Got my son a bunk bed right when he turned 5 yrs old.  However, it's an IKEA bunkbed where the bottom bunk is actually on the floor and the top bunk is much lower, than your average bunkbed.  I doubt I would feel comfortable with him on a standard bunk bed.

    A friend of mine got her kids a bunk bed when they were 4 yrs and 2 yrs, but they both slept on the bottom bunk together. 

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    My BIL, who runs a trauma center, would say never. He'd put them in the same catagory as trampolines- an accident waiting to happen.


    I would generally agree with this but like jandb2011 we have the Ikea one and the bottom bunk is on the floor, it is actually just a frame on the bottom and the mattress is on the floor in the frame.  The top bunk is only about 4 ft. high and is a deep frame that would be hard to fall out of especially if you get an Ikea mattress which is shallower than a regular mattress making it even deeper in the frame.  And we have the tent on the top bunk, the tent is only fabric and will not really stop you from falling but does contain feet or arms that could stick over the top, a kid would have to get their body through the tent and then roll over the solid side about 6 inches to fall out.  And b/c of the tent they could not jump on the bed.

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  • Hi Jalaiaa- me n my sister started bunk beds around age 6-- it really helped build our bonds that lasted till this time
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    My BIL, who runs a trauma center, would say never. He'd put them in the same catagory as trampolines- an accident waiting to happen.


    They say 6, but I agree with Auntie. My older girls have stayed over with friends and cousins with bunk beds, and even past 6 someone was always getting hurt. SIL is getting rid of DN's bunk, she's 10, and fallen twice in the middle of the night.

    The only two kinds I can see are the low style 4 ft ones like Ikea has that have easier access and lower to the ground or the kind with stairs and high sides, but those start at $1600.

  • We don't have bunk beds in our home, but my parents do at their beach house. DS1 sleeps on the top, he started when he was 5. DS2 would probably be ok, but he is a crazy sleeper so I haven't let him, yet.
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  • We are just starting to think about getting them (6y) and I am still not thrilled with the idea. But they share a room and there isn't enough room for 2 singles so our only option are bunk beds.
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  • DS has been asking for a bunk bed for his 4th birthday.
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  • My kids got bunk beds when they were 2 & 3 years old, it worked out great. They take turns sleeping on the top. I got a bunk bed set that can separate into two beds.
  • We put one in DD1's bedroom right around the time she turned 5 years.
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  • If they sleep soundly, I'd say 4-6. My son is almost 6 and still sleeps in crazy positions, usually opposite from where he fell asleep, so a bunk bed would be a no-go at this point.
  • We've had ours for a couple of years with no issues. Thy don't play on them much as I get annoyed when the knock the sheets off. They are a PITA to put back on.

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  • DD1 got a cabin bed for her 5th birthday and has never fallen out of it. It's a pretty high one too. My nephews have a bunk bed too, and they are 4, and have never fallen out of it either. I think it really depends on your child, since I know there would be no way my four year old could sleep in a bunk bed and not fall out. I imagine most kids are okay by 6 though.
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  • I've read the AAP recommends age 5-6 at the youngest.

    My boys used bunk beds this summer at my parents' house. They were 5.5. They did pretty well with them. They sleep in bunkable twin beds in separate rooms but if we ever put them back together, we'd go ahead and bunk their beds. I have one daredevil who would probably try to jump from the top bunk at least once but on vacation we gave him very strict warnings about that.
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