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a/s today

Baby girl looks good :) 

Placenta, however does not. Placenta previa at this point, so will need to be monitored for that. Fingers crossed it migrates north! Already planned on a repeat c/s but was hoping to make it to 39 weeks (delivered DS early due to pre-e).

Will go back for growth u/s every 4 weeks from here on out due to pre-e history. Happy they will be monitoring baby girl closely!

So, mostly good news today! 

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Re: a/s today

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    That does sound like an overall good appointment! Those extra ultrasounds will sure be nice for an extra look at that baby girl! :)
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    Congratulations on your girl!  I LOVE having girls!

    I had partial previa last pregnancy, mine ended up moving up by 18w.  I hope yours moves up. I know our risks for previa go up with each c/s, and even though you're having a repeat c/s (which I am too), I'd be nervous about previa as well. 

    Have you had any spotting?

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    Just a bit of spotting in the 1st tri, so nothing too alarming. It was low at 16 weeks, but "officially" deemed previa this scan. Hopefully it will move up! I did not know about the increased risks with prior c/s until today...Fingers crossed! 
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