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High-Risk Pregnancy

What to expect at first visit with High Risk Doc?

Hello Everyone,

Currently I'm about 11.5 weeks preggo and everything in my pregnancy so far has gone great. I've had perfect bloodwork and a perfect ultrasound Smile. I have a history of high blood pressure and Tachycardia/palpatations so my OBGYN wants to to see (just for percaution) a high risk OBGYN. I have an appointment with the high risk on Thursday and I just wanted to know what should I expect? Will she just talk to me? Will she exam me (between the legs Surprise)? Will I get an ultrasound? etc etc etc. I feel so unprepared! Can anyone fill be in on their first visit experience?

 Thanks Ladies!

Re: What to expect at first visit with High Risk Doc?

  • Mine was like an initial appointment with an OB.  They went through my medical history, told me about the practice, gave me an appointment schedule, checked BP, weight, etc.  I saw my MFM for the first time at 8 weeks.  I'd had an ultrasound with my RE the week before and they had the results of that so they didn't do an ultrasound.

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  • It depends on the practice and why you are there.  Because my peri was strictly consulting, he never did bloodwork, urine samples, blood pressure, weight, etc.  That was reserved for my OB, whereas if he had been my primary doctor, he would have done those things.

    At my first appt, we went through my medical history, he asked me several questions, and he did do an u/s to assess dates and view my cervix (my primary reason for being there, to discuss his opinion on the necessity of a cerclage).

    After that, he did do a pelvic exam to check the cervix for presentation (again though, don't know if that would have been necessary if I weren't there for cervical issues).  He agreed I needed to have a cerclage placed and we discussed when it needed to happen and he told me to call if my OB wanted him to place it (she did).  Then we continued to schedule follow-up appointments so he could continue to monitor and consult, mostly level II u/s every few weeks.

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  • I was sent to a Perinatologist at 20 weeks because they discovered her kidneys were enlarged during the anatomy U/S. When I got there, the doctor discovered during U/S that the kidneys would more than likely fix themselves, but that I had a chorioangioma on my placenta. I remained with my regular OB, but also saw the Perinatologist every few weeks for a level 2 U/S to monitor the growth of the chorio.
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  • I have had 2 different experiences...my peri now, I love. He is my primary care for this pregnancy so everything is like an OB. The last one I had was more of a consult. I hardly saw him, I only saw his nurse every week for fetal assessment and if there were to have been an issue, he would have been called...it was very odd. I wasn't used to a doctor being in his office in a suit and tie...I saw him more on visits when I had u/s that measured the baby than I did for fetal assessment...so, it depends. My OB and peri for my first pregnancy have a wonderful working relationship and they talked a lot, she consulted him for meds, etc, but everything testing wise (except fetal assessment) was done through her. Now that I'm only seeing the peri this time around because of HBP from the very beginning, it's a completely different experience, just like a first visit to the OB, except I got a lot more blood work done for the first round this time around, haha. Good luck!
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