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Current or Past GD Mommas

My sugars have been really great up till about a week ago.  They were 70's-80's fasting and 100-130's an hour after eating. I have also been on 2.5mg of Glyburide that I take at night.

Well now my fastings have been 90-100 and 150-160s an hour after eating.  I am eating the same things, portions etc.  Even a ton of water as usual.  Have any one else noticed their blood sugar levels getting higher at this point?

Re: Current or Past GD Mommas

  • Yes. I'll do okay for awhile and then my numbers will change. Its normal. Your body's demand changes as the baby grows and you get further along. They warned me of this. Because of this, we have had to play around with my Glyburide pills to find out what works best for me. My daytime numbers have always been ok because of the diet, its my fasting numbers that have the most problem.

    I'm now on 3 Glyburide pills before bedtime. Its the maximum dose I can take. Its working for now, but I have serious doubt if it will take me to the end of the pregnancy. My only next option is insulin. I'm hoping I won't get there but since I still have 5-6 weeks left, its doubtful these pills will work with my changing body's demands for the entire time. Trying to stay positive though.

    I would call your doctor. If my numbers are high for longer than 3 days, they want to know. You said its been a week, so I would let them know what it is going on. 

    Good luck!!

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  • With this pregnancy my numbers are still constant. However, with my last pregnancy, my numbers got worse as I neared my EDD.  I had to keep increasing my insulin as my numbers increased. I think this is not uncommon.  Like pp recommended check with doctor to see if they need to adjust your medication. 
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  • I'm behind you as far as weeks along in pregnancy, but those higher numbers would tell me that you need a higher dose of insulin.  Between 30-33 weeks your body's demand for insulin from baby peaks and it sounds like your body isn't keeping up.
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  • Yeah, this is totally normal - there's a huge upswing in insulin needs from weeks 32-36, then I believe it peaks around 36 weeks.  Don't be surprised if you add more meds and it works for a week or so, then your numbers start increasing again!

     I'd definitely call your endo with your numbers, and my guess is that they'll add another 2.5 glyburide in the morning before breakfast, and possibly another 1/2 of a pill at bedtime (for 3.75).  My endo always says not to worry, it's nothing you're doing different or wrong! This is expected, and the good news is that it means you have a healthy placenta for baby! :) 

  • yep... my numbers had been great up until a week or so ago and since then they've adjusted my insulin dosage twice... I was told it's normal.
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