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suggestions for parenting books for 12+ months

Hi Ladies!

I'm actually in a unique situation where we are adopting our first child from an African country which we live in, and getting books is a little tricky.  I have a kindle and friends/family who would be willing to send books my way, but without being able to go store and look through the selection, I'm not sure what to buy.  Our daughter will most likely be anywhere between 9 months - 24 months.  What I'm really hoping for is a more of a "how to" type book for 12+ months.  I have lots of adoption books, but I don't have any books about the basics of childcare for that age group.  I only have baby books, and our little girl will most likely not be a baby!  Do y'all have any suggestions?  What are/were your favorite books for raising toddlers?


Re: suggestions for parenting books for 12+ months

  • At the strong recommendation of many adoptive parents I just ordered, "toddler adoption" by Mary Hopkins Best.    Apparently this is an excellent book and sounds like it would fit your situation.  

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  • I really liked Your Toddler Month by Month. It's written by a child neuropsychologist, and groups sections by age groups (12-18, 18-24, 24-36, and 36-48 months). I like to read it when I need an extra dose of patience. It goes over a lot of things like typical brain development and how to understand why your child may be acting like an angel one minute and in a pile of tears the next. Etc. It also has troubleshooting sections for things like sleep issues and picky eaters.
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  • Thanks for the suggestions!  I'm going to give all those a look!
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