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A car seat, stroller, and a haircut

The day started off with a hair cut- apparently the stylist had given me a mullet, and to fix it I lost over 4inches of hair. The shorter hair is soo much better than the cut I had before.  very, very happy I had it done. 

Feeling all super awesome, and lookin mighty fine, DH and I went baby shopping. We found the perfect car seat- rear facing, convertible and rated up to 65lbs- pretty much the only car seat we will ever need. We changed our minds on the stroller we want- we were looking at the baby jogger city select but changed to the city mini elite- works so much better with our small car (that we are no longer trading in).  
We got the bassinet attachment- which is one of the things I had really wanted. 

The super awesome part of the day was when we went to pay for all of this- DH's aunties had all pooled together to get us a gift card for the car seat, and the store is run by a friend of mine so he gave us a great deal- so the actual out-of-pocket expenses were way less than we had planned. 

Oh, and we got our new iPad last night- love it! 
Baby shopping can sometimes freak me out- its scary to think of being parents and the changing laity  
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Re: A car seat, stroller, and a haircut

  • Blah! Sorry, trying to edit the typos in my original post and it's not as easy on an iPad as I had thought. 

    What I was meaning to say is that the changing reality can scare me- I almost had an anxiety attack when we were nearing the end of the shopping trip.

    What about you ladies? Any anxiety? Or great shopping scores?  

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  • What carseat did you get? Sounds like a great day!
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  • Agreed!!  sounds like you had a great day!  

    Lately, it seems like any of our shopping trips that relate to baby, end with anxiety!  I think I just get so overwhelmed and knowing that we are 8 weeks away from LO arriving makes it even more scary!


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  • I'm happy your hair got fixed. :)
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  • Sounds amazing!  I am also debating on which car seat to get, and when to get my hair cut.  I might try to put it off until after the baby and treat it as a big afternoon (read: 90 minutes) out and about.
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