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Long overdue birth story

I originally didn't think I would write a birth story but I was looking at some stories and they seem so distressing. I wanted to share a great experience.

I went into labor on my due date at about 5 am. I woke up to contractions. They were about every 15 minutes apart. At around 6 I decided to get up and eat breakfast. As soon as I got up my contractions got much closer together. Every 9 minutes or so. I was mildly uncomfortable. I tried to eat some cereal but as my contractions became more intense I became nauseous. I used my birthing ball to keep moving during my contractions. At about 7 am the contractions were every 5 minutes and I wanted to take a bath. My wonderful husband cleaned the tub and I got in. I was very uncomfortable at this point but the bath was wonderful. Eventually I realized my contractions were about 3 minutes apart and if I didn't hurry it up I would have the baby at home. I called the dr but she was in a delivery and didn't call back. About 20 minutes later I decided we had to go to the hospital. The car ride was the absolute worst part. It was torture to sit still during the pain. At about 9 am we arrived at the hospital. They sent us to the triage room "to see if I was in labor." It became evident in minutes that I was in labor. They made me lie down to monitor me-also horrible, all I wanted to do was move and sway. I was 5 cm already. They moved me to a room. I was about to have my dh get my ball when the epidural arrived. It was amazing. I was incredibly happy. At 11 they broke my water and within 20 minutes I could feel all of my contractions. The dr. came back to try to fix the epidural but after 2 tries he said he had to replace the catheter. The nurse checked me before that and announced that I was complete. The epidural would have to stay the way it was. I started to push but was a horrible pusher. I know they say to push like you are having a bowel movement but I have never pooped lying down in bed. I pushed for 3 hours feeling almost everything. At 3:21 my ds arrived. He was 8 lbs even. His head was so large that may have been why I pushed for so long. The hospital staff was wonderful. They were very patient and helpful. I didn't have a birth plan but as it turned out they did everything I wanted anyway. They allowed me to to do anything I wanted and even let me have skin to skin for well over a half hour after he was born. My birth story is about as perfect as they get. My baby is perfect. Being a mommy is wonderful.

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Re: Long overdue birth story

  • Sounds like a great birth experience! (: I'm glad the hospital staff was good to you, they were good to me also (besides one unpleasant nurse that I luckily didn't have to see again) 

    I had a great experience also! My baby was 8 pounds 12 ounces <3  

  • Great to hear such positive stories and good experiences like this!  Congrats on your little one!
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