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Feeling a Thump! is it baby?

This is my first pregnancy and I am 21 weeks and 1 day with an anterior placenta. I have not definatley felt my baby but have started to feel random thumps right under my belly button. Im thinking this is him but am still not totally convinced. Do you think it is baby. I think since my placenta is anterior I have skipped the whole flutter stage?

Re: Feeling a Thump! is it baby?

  • Probably.

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  • Yep sounds like baby. My first feeling of baby (for sure) was a good thump. Now most of the time it feels like I've got a fish flopping around in my belly.
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  • I have an anterior placenta too and am a few weeks ahead of you (started week 24 today).  Sounds like to me this is baby!  I felt some things around 19-21 weeks and they became more constant and daily (sometimes I would go a couple of days though with nothing so don't worry).  Last week (22-23 weeks), the definite THUMP was there on the outside!  So it may come sooner than you think despite your anterior placenta.  Now I feel him inside and out almost daily and usually multiple times throughout the day.  You'll probably have a moment in a week or two where you will say "That was him for sure!"  I did.  Congrats!!!  Sounds like movement!!!
  • I also have anterior placenta, and first felt movement around 21 weeks. You will realize that is is for sure movement once it starts happening more frequently. I have only been feeling it for about a week and a half and now I feel it all the time. Some times its just a flutter or bubble and other times, its a full on kick
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  • Yay! Thanks guys I am so excited and I can not wait until I know 100% it's him. Bring on the thumps!
  • Me too - I have an anterior placenta and started by feeling the odd thump a few weeks ago.

    I now feel these thumps several times a day and they're getting strongerSmile

    My DH felt his first kick on Sunday and has since felt a few more... so cute

    Such a lovely feeling, I well and truly feel like I have a 'live in' accomplice with me now I feel movementBig Smile

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  • Probably is! I have an anterior placenta too, but in the past few weeks, I feel insistent little "thumps". We actually call her Thumper.
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  • I also never felt these flutters people always talk about. I feel thumping. The first way I described it was a hard twitch, but on the inside. My midwife giggled, and told me that's my baby. Yay for movement!!

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  • I have an anterior placenta as well and since this is my second, I started feeling flutters around 17 wks.  But this week the thumps have definitely started.  I'm always like "What are you doing down there baby?!"  LOL!

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