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Appointment yesterday and frustrated *vent*

I had my 16 week appointment yesterday. Baby's heartbeat was 155 and my OB said I was measuring perfect so everything is going great and I'm extremely happy about that.

I asked if we were going to schedule my u/s at this appointment and he told me no, that we were going to wait to do so at my next appointment which is May 8th. I will be 20 weeks then.

My FI is in Kentucky at college (he plays football; QB) so I wanted to have the u/s scheduled so we have enough time for him to plan to come down and be here to find out the sex with me and then we planned on me going back up to Kentucky with him to spend a week and then fly back.

So I'm a little upset that he's making me wait until then when we need to plan things out. He can't just hop in his truck and be here. And I have to buy a plane ticket to come home and request off of work 2 weeks in advance so I can go back with him.

So I'm thinking I am going to call the office in the next few days and make them schedule it now, so we will know and can plan. I can't stand not having things planned out. It stresses me out haha


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Re: Appointment yesterday and frustrated *vent*

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    Manx4Manx4 member

    I go in for my 20 week appointment next week and they'll schedule my a/s then.  It's just how they do it. 

    You didn't ask your doctor this at your last appointment?

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    Why can't you schedule it 2-3 weeks from your next appt? 

    Do you know when your office typically does the anatomy scans?  They may not do them until later. 


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    I would opt for an elective U/S.  I don't think your doctor will simply do a U/S to fit your schedule. They wait till week 20 to do other measurements. I had an elective u/s and the baby isnt fully developed just yet so I can totally see why doctors wait till 20 weeks.

    You can schedule an elective scan and base that around your personal schedule.

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    With my daughter they waited till 22 weeks for the anatomy scan, then I had to come back 2 weeks later for the gender and a better spine shot bc she was laying in all the most impossible ways, including with her knees together, ankles crossed, and on her cord.  lol  If I were you, and you wanted to work with your guys schedule, I would schedule one of the 3d ones :)  The office might have a strict reason for waiting till a particular week for anatomy scans.  I wondered why mine put me getting one at 18 weeks bc now, AGAIN, I have to go back because she couldnt see all 8 valves of the heart bc baby was so young.  Each one is different I suppose.  :)  Goodluck!
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    I would call and explain the circumstances and see if they can schedule it for you

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    I had my 16wk appt monday and they scheduled me for my u/s. I am getting the u/s then seeing the dr. My u/s is more to see how baby is developing and to do a u/s of the baby's heart, not to determine the sex. I am team green i really dont want to know.

    I would just call and explain your situation and maybe they can work with you guys. Good luck!

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    I would try calling and explaining.  It's not as though you are trying to get it done earlier, just trying to plan well.  My guess is that they will do it.

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    I would call. I had the same thing happen to me at my last appointment. The doctor said I had to wait but I told them I wanted to schedule it now. My husband only gets one day off a week and we don't want him to have to use vacation time until after the baby is born so I said only one day a week works for us so I wanted to get it scheduled. I told them I was fine scheduling it out farther but I just needed a date so we could be sure it was when my husband was available.
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