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Cheapest place to buy clear storage containers?

I'm looking to buy a lot (probably 5-10) of those large clear storage containers.  I'd like to keep DS's toys in them and rotate them in and out of our play room closet.  They don't need to be something that he can access, since I plan to stack them up and would rather have large boxes.  

Where is the cheapest place to purchase these?  Walmart?  Target?  Homedepot?

I haven't purchased these since going away to college, which has been quite some time! TIA! 

Re: Cheapest place to buy clear storage containers?

  • I always feel like Walmart is cheaper than Target. You could also check out Kmart or Dollar General if you have one of those nearby.

    I wonder if it would be cheaper to order online ... not sure what shipping would be like though.

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  • It depends on who is having the best sale.  I found a large container (it was blue, not clear) at Target in the clearance section and got it for less than $5.
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  • I've found some good ones on Amazon.  If you buy enough, you get free shipping, and it's nice not to have to load them into your car from a store.
  • Usually Dollar General, but most places are having sales on their household/storage items (Walmart, Kmart, Target) right now.

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  • If Target or Walmart doesn't have them on sale, I find the best prices at Lowe's Home Improvement.
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  • I think it's good to look for sales. I always check the flyers and when they go on sale somewhere I stock up. 

    Right now (in Canada) I find the best prices at Canadian Tire. 

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  • Target has some on sale this week for $4 each.
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