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Swollen lymph nodes or ingrown hair?

Ok, so I have a TOTALLY gross question. I got a small bump under my left armpit last week. It got bigger and was pretty painful--it reminded me of a razor bump or ingrown hair. Since then, it hasn't gotten any smaller but it has stopped hurting. Now, there is a painful bump coming up under my right armpit in the same exact spot. I'm obviously going to ask my dr about this at my appointment next week, but has anyone heard of this or experiencing this as well?
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Re: Swollen lymph nodes or ingrown hair?

  • My cousin had the same thing... Turns out he was diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma, thankfully he's in remission now. But yeah, something to look out for - being a woman if you're concerned.
  • An ingrown hair usually has a visible red bump, not unlike a pimple. It's usually hard though.

    With an enlarged lymph node , you usually can't see a lump unless it's in an area with minimal fat (like the neck) or it's really bad. It will not be visibly red, but if you press on it, you'll feel a tender lump and it may be warm to the touch.


  • I could have written this post.  I have been experiencing the exact same thing.  Starts in one armpit and goes away the next day, then I get one in the other armpit.  I have no idea what they are either.  There was no visible bump, but it hurt to move my arm.
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