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Poor DH

I wish I could get these darn hormones under control! I feel like the biggest you know what? I?m trying so hard but some of the dumbest things just set me off and I keep trying to explain that to DH! Just making sure I?m not the only one!

Worst thing that set me off was I was feeling very frisky and tried to get him to have some fun and he got pissed because he was not ?in the mood? so I got super pissed and started crying because I felt like it was me! Hot shower later I felt so bad for getting pissed for such a STUPID reqason! Poor Guy!

Re: Poor DH

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    I got my mad because my husband came home last night after a long day at work went to lay down on the bed which had some clothes I had been putting away until I got sidetracked with dinner and dishes.  He placed the clothes off to the side so he could lay down for a few minutes and I got mad bc he moved the clothes off the bed to a nearby tote with a lid.  I seem to get upset about things all the time now that I am pregnant.
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    I think we can all relate, unfortunately. My DH is getting the hormonal brunt of another issue right now, too.

    It gets better and that LO is so worth it! Wink

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    I have always been moody; however, these hormones are definitely out of control.  One minute, I am loving on my husband, asking for hugs and kisses.  The next minute, I do not want him near me.  I think he is used to it since I have always been so up and down, but I feel bad about it.
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    I have felt terrible about being so moody since I've been pregnant as well. It's crazy- sometimes I really don't feel like myself but like previously mentioned, the end result is worth it! :-) I was always super mellow before, so my fiance has really been in for a treat. It seems like almost everything either makes me upset or want to cry. LOL
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