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Starting to think the HSG threw off my O date.....

So I know this is not a medical side effect from the HSG, but I also know other people who have had this happen.

I'm due for AF either yesterday or today (depending if I o'ed on day 18 or 19)....I am like clockwork every month with this.

Since we had gotten the MFI diagnosis last month and started with an RE this month - I didn't temp of really use OPKs (except the day of the HSG just to be sure)... and now I"m regretting this big time.

For the record - I also barely had se* this month, so I am not suspecting I am off due to a BFP....

Anyone else have issues with their period after the HSG?

And of course naturally there is a small piece of the back of my mind thinking "oh great, what if I am now going to start having issues" (said b/c so far it has only been a problem on DH's side....)




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Re: Starting to think the HSG threw off my O date.....

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    well without temping or opks or u/s you have no way of knowing when you o'd.  Just because you usually o on day 18 or 19 doesn't mean that you did this month.  You could have o'd later and AF still isn't due. Or AF could be late. No way of knowing now. :(  Sorry and hope you get AF or BFP soon
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    My HSG did affect my O date, but I went the other direction and O'd early.  Fluke cycles happen all the time so I would definitely not worry about it, especially since you did something different this cycle. 

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