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Writing article for Babble.com - would love contributions

Hi everyone,

I'm a freelance science writer (and mom to an 11-month-old) and I'm writing an article for Babble.com about how OBs' fears over being sued might be affecting the quality of care they provide. I'm wondering if any of you feel that the decisions your doctors made during your pregnancy or childbirth were influenced by litigation fears, for instance that your doctors were making defensive choices or pressuring you into certain unnecessary medical interventions. Likewise, if you know of OBs who have closed their practices due to high insurance premiums or lawsuits, I'd love to hear about them.

If you'd like to talk, please respond to this thread or email me at [email protected] Depending on how many people respond, I may not be able to include all your stories, but I'd really appreciate your reaching out.

Thank you!

Warm regards,

Melinda Wenner Moyer


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