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what do you do with a side-sleeping infant who leaks everywhere?

I have my nearly 6 month old in BG 4.0's at night with an insert and 2 doublers. She has just recently discovered side-sleeping. Last night I had to change everything twice, from diaper to sleep sack! I did just get some hemp liners in the mail which will be ready tonight so I will try them, but I feel like the trajectory of the pee is the problem. Also because of all the inserts the diaper is gapping around her thighs.

I also just got some new Sunbabies which I haven't tried out yet, if that changes anything.

Anyone have any suggestions?

*Last time I asked for help my computer died for a week and I couldn't check in to answser questions. I'm really sorry and thanks for any help!

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Re: what do you do with a side-sleeping infant who leaks everywhere?

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    Try a trimmer insert so she's not gaping at the legs and throw a wool soaker over the diaper.  I was so anti-wool for so long but it's been a godsend with DS2.  he's a super soaker and wool keeps his pj's and sheets nice and dry.
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    We use an Sbish with an Econobum cover over it at night and my DD (decent wetter, though not quite heavy, and STTN) hasn't ever leaked out.  I have found with DD that she's less likely to leak out of something with a cover than a BG or other similar diaper.

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    I agree with PP?try a wool cover over the diaper.

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    Wool scares me, so I've been reluctant to try it :)

    My godsend has been a bamboo fitted with a thirsties cover.  I use Baby Beehinds fitted, and the whole thing is SUPER absorbant - and the thirsties cover has double leg gussets, so it's very leak resistant.  




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    Wool works great, but the best thing in general for our side sleeper is to use a fitted diaper.  It absorbs everything before it can leak and the elastic at the legs is really helpful.  We pair fitteds with a BB coverall or a bummis superbrite most nights.
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    Thanks everyone! I am also scared of wool, like a pp, so I think I'm going to try a fitted first and see if that helps.
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    We were getting gaps and leaks with our pockets too. A wool cover definitely helps to prevent leaks, but I figured if I was using wool, I'd rather have the breathability of the fitteds with wool.
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    I live abroad so have to have my stuff shipped to me and it takes ages! Hopefully I can keep up with the laundry between now and then! Of course last night she spent the night on her back mostly so no big problems. She certainly is a heavy wetter though!
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