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Furniture help--from 2 yro board

We have a 2nd LO on the way and I am trying to figure out furniture for him. My original plan was get a 3 piece set like I did for DS1 (with a convertible crib-converts to a double bed). But I think when either DS is school age we won't have enough room in each of thier rooms for a double bed, dresser, chest, night table AND a desk.

So my question--where do your kids do their homework--kitchen table, bed, desk, parents desk? Things have changed since I did homework in the 80s!

Do I buy a desk (eventually)? TIA!


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Re: Furniture help--from 2 yro board

  • I only have a first grader and her weekly homework consists of study spelling words, study sight words and read an AR book.  This is done pretty much nightly M-Th.  

    It really varies on DD's distraction level on where we do her homework:  ometimes at the kitchen table but if her brothers are watching TV or playing inside, then generally we have to move to her room, in which case...its done on the bed.  We don't have room for a desk. 

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  • I have 2 kindergarteners who have multiple worksheets and reading each night. They share a room and there is not enough room for desks in their room. Right now, they do homework in the kitchen while I make dinner. They still need a good deal of assistance and our evening routine is so slammed (get home at 6pm and have to do homework, dinner, bath, reading, bed by 8pm) that I have to multi-task prepping dinner and helping with homework in order for it to work. We do their reading at the table or the couch after dinner.
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  • This is helpful--since I am not in that mode yet but I can imagine making dinner, helping with homework, clean-up dinner and the kids are in the same area, not in their rooms doing homework. Thanks!
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  • Kitchen table! We got our son a desk for his room but I prefer the kids do their homework at the kitchten table so I can monitor it. He usues his desk to set stuff on.

    Good Luck!

  • DS -- 1st grade -- coffee table in living room, which is in sight/calling distance from the kitchen.  He doesn't have a desk in his room and we are not planning on getting one at this time.

    DD -- 6th grade -- dining room table or kitchen island.  She has a desk that Grandma insisted on buying her back in kindergarten.  It cost a fortune and it has never been used for HW.  It collects junk and is a gigantic eyesore.  I wish Grandma had sprung for a closet system instead.  If DD needs to do homework where it's more quiet than in the kitchen/living room area, she takes a laptop back to her bed or the table in the playroom.

    High School English teacher and mom of 2 kids:

    DD, born 9/06/00 -- 12th grade
    DS, born 8/25/04 -- 7th grade
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