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Hello new here! And a few questions.

I have been reading all of the posts for a few weeks now and finally decided to join.  We just found out we are having a girl and are super excited. But before I register I should ask: I plan on breast feeding but how many bottles do we need? I plan on pumping as well. Also I'm for sure having a c-section and just wondering how you are able to breast feed with all of the pain meds and anesthesia in your system. 



Re: Hello new here! And a few questions.

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    Hi and welcome!

    I didn't end up BFing, but I did have a c/s.  They encouraged me to try BFing immediately after the c/s, so there was obviously no concern about the drugs.  And ditto the pp- I wouldn't stock up on a ton of bottles.  Different babies like different bottles.  See what your likes, then go buy more of that.  We were at BRU with DS when he was a week and a half old, so there's no hurry to get it all before baby comes.

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    Hi Welcome.

    Agree to get a few different kinds of bottles to see what works best. If I had to do it over again, I would not have bought any of the smaller oz bottles. DS was drinking 6 oz before I knew it so the little ones seem like a waste.  You can put 2-4 oz in a big bottle when they are newborns.

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    Awesome and thank you all! The starter kits make perfect sense. 
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    Welcome!  The advice I was given for bottles was to register for a few different kinds because you just don't know what your baby will like.  I don't know much about BFing and c-sections though.  Good luck with everything!
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    I agree with the pp. I am going off of what other moms on the bump have suggested and going to buy a few different kinds of bottles until I figure out which works best with the new baby. 

    Also, I wouldn't stress over the c/s. I know plenty of people who had one and were able to start BFing immediately. I am pretty sure they don't give you meds that would interfere with being able to BF baby right away, as they always encourage starting the BFing routine early on.  

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    ***you could always bring up your concern about the BFing to your Dr though if you need reassurance!
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    I agree with everyone else, so just hello and welcome!
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