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Easter Basket Ideas for 8 year old girl

Hi.  I am putting together an easter basket for an 8 year old girl.  Besides candy, I have no idea what to put in the basket.  My oldest is 4 and a boy, so I am not sure what an 8 year old girl would be interested in.  Nothing too expensive.  Any idea?  TIA!

Re: Easter Basket Ideas for 8 year old girl

  • My 8 yr old DD loves Hello Kitty, so we are filling her basket full of Hello Kitty stuff. We got everything at Target, and they have some neat things in their dollar bins as well.


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  • My 7-year-old son is getting a couple of books, a Star Wars Sticker book, Star Wars figher pods, a t-shirt, legos minifigures, a wii game, a puzzle book, some pens and pencils with sports stuff on them, and some candy.

    For a girl around that age, I'd do similar stuff with a "girl" theme and add things like lip gloss, nail polish (if she's into that), maybe a necklace or bracelet, cool socks, hair stuff.

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    Scented pencils, a cute girly journal, those fun erasers shaped like things (burgers, milkshakes, etc), scented stickers, nail polish or those decal thingys, things for her hair, cute socks, fuzzy slippers, stuff for outside (skip it, jump rope, chalk), Lip Smackers gloss, Mad Lib books, reusable shopping bag for library trips, a purse, movie tickets, a video game if she has a gaming system, some kind of art/craft item, cute pjs,
  • My 7.5-year-old is getting a Littlest Pet Shop Pet ($2.50 in the Easter section at Target) and a set of Easter Squinkies, some glitter glue pens (from the $1 spot at Target), a little notebook, and then a DVD.
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  • DVD's, summer clothes, sidewalk chalk, jump rope
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