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You have to understand that there is a great deal of difference between an opinion we might have and the professional opinion of a highly qualified specialist who is staking their reputation on their ability to differentiate between NT and a range of behavioral and developmental dxs.

I completely understand and respect the things you write on here and I am certainly "stuck" on this issue, not denying that I could be an adult on the spectrum for sure.

But the main reason that I am stuck on this is because the neurologist that we saw seemed like a complete joke to me and I am not one to doubt the credibility of Doctors.  She said that he shouldn't have freaked out when taken away from the toys in the waiting room, she never interacted with him, she asked us questions for 20 minutes and seemed to be coaxing us into responses - trying to convince us that he only points when he is interested in something and not to share interest, that it is extremely atypical that he doesn't always rush into big groups of kids, etc.  It really seemed like she was pushing to get the diagnosis which she believed previous Drs gave him, which I later informed her was not the case in email contact where she stated that was a huge part of her diagnosis.

I am not running to a developmental pedi or another Dr. at this point to discredit or disagree with what she said, as a solid diagnosis doesn't even seem possible at this age, but the lack of knowledge that she displayed and the lack of any type of interaction with my son was very concerning to me, leaving me "stuck."

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