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RaR snap vs aplix

I'm looking to buy a few more Rumparooz.  We have one, and we like it just as much (maybe a little more) than our BG4.0's, which make up most of our stash.  The one we have is aplix.  Do you have an opinion on snaps vs aplix with RaR.  

My BG's are about 50/50.  I like both for different reasons.  I can get a better fit with aplix, but my 16 month old can undo them. So if he's going to be in just a diaper around the house, we use snaps.


Re: RaR snap vs aplix

  • I have 2 aplix and 1 snap and like them both just fine.  I might prefer the aplix just a little bit.  Seems to be holding up well, but my baby is only 3 months.
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  • I would get the snaps, they love to take their diapers off as they get older. 

    I would caution you that the rise is very short on RaRs and my kids grew out of the rise by 18ish months and they are in the 50th percentile.  

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