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My LO has had thrush since last Tuesday and I have been giving him nystatin for 10 days now and boiling his nipples for 10 min a day and it hasn't gone away!! Is there something different to use to treat that?! I'm gonna call his doctor Monday, it's so frusterating that it's still not gone :/ my poor dude!

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  • Are you also nursing?  or pumping?
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  • Hes on formula
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  • My LO had the same thing and when we went to the doc last Monday he prescribed her Diflucan because he said that the Nystatin doesn't work. They only take one dose a day for 10 days. After her first dose, it was starting to clear up and by day 3 it was completely gone. I'm still giving it to her the full time to make sure it's completely gone. HTH
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