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Trifolding with a NB?

Random question - can you trifold with a PF inside a cover or are their poonamis too strong for that??
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Re: Trifolding with a NB?

  • A friend of mine is trifolding with her ebf daughter, and hasn't had any poop-splotions.

    I think it really depends on the baby, and the consistency of their poop

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  • We had bad luck with trifolding.  It was much better to use a snappi.  Otherwise we were just constantly changing covers.   
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  • Even with a snappi, J.'s EBF poo was constantly getting on covers. I am so glad we had a stash of 10 NB covers for him.

    This time I think I've only used a snappi twice. I quickly learned that the quantity of A.'s poo is much less. And it's less runny. She is EBF. But for some reason, trifolding works with this LO. So that's what we do.

    It really just depends on your LO.

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  • We mostly used a snappi, but when I didn't think he'd poop we trifolded and didn't ever have major explosions! I had a lot of extra covers too, which came in handy.
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  • DD's poo got on the cover most of the time with or without a snappi.  In the early days I had trouble getting a good fit to snappi and trifolding worked well for us.  It did mean needing a new cover for the majority of changes, but that was the case with the snappi a lot of times too.  I was thankful to have a some KLO's where the poop didn't escape.  I think I had 6 or 8 covers.
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  • The jelly roll fold is magic. We never got poop on a cover.
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