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Anyone else find themselves irrationally angry over food?

I've been put on a special diet because of my gallbladder and I've had a poor selection on what to eat I found this place that did sandwiches and they toast the meat so its okay to eat, I was in a lot of pain and DH said he'd go out to get dinner. Well he its only a 20 minute drive he is gone for over an hour and a half almost 2 turns out my food is cold and he stopped at a fast food place to get his food. I'm pissed I dont know why its so hard for him to just get the food while its hot. I normally manage every aspect of our home and now that I cant cook and its hard to clean everything has gone to hell and I cant even get a hot meal. I can handle the mess and such but the food thing always sets me off.
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Re: Anyone else find themselves irrationally angry over food?

  • I remember getting mad at DH my first pregnancy for this. I have yet to be put on a special diet during pregnancy but I would be a not fun person to be around if I was. I tried to eat healthy this pregnancy but it made me sick, my mom was on the gallbladder diet and I remember it, I could not imagine having to eat that way while pregnant. 
  • Food doesn't set me off, but I don't have your issues.  I think that's pretty inconsiderate of your H and you have a right to be upset.  He should have gotten his first and then yours so it would be hot when you got it.  Still, it shouldn't have taken 2 hours if its only a 20 minute drive.  If he was just getting fast food for himself also, why did it take so long?  Did he stop and sit down and eat while your food was getting cold in the car?  That would REALLY piss me off.  Also, why is it that you can't cook now?
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  • I had a breakdown at Panera because they were out of French Toast bagels.... I almost cried. So, yes... being irrational and angry can happen over food. :)
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  • i do, i wanna cry if I think I will be starved. lol
  • I feel like I do too now. I get really upset if I have a meeting during a time when I should be eating or if I want something and its not open. I feel very foolish about it, but I can't help it.
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