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introducing a paci ?

Hey ladies,

I've begun trying to introduce a pacifier to DD - she's 3 weeks tomorrow, but gaining like a CHAMP and the midwife said, "NOTHING could confuse that child about where your nipple is!" so my mind is set at ease re: nipple confusion haha.

My question though: how do you introduce it?? Does it usually take awhile for them to get the hang of it? DD makes this grossed out face when one is in her mouth and sucks it for max 10 mins.

 We have a wubba nub, and some advent ones... 

Advice? TIA!!

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Re: introducing a paci ?

  • just keep trying them or maybe some different ones.  to be honest though i couldn't get my girls to take a paci.  this little one i have now though takes one, no problem.  i almost don't know what to do with it!!
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  • Just keep trying them, but she may decide not to ever really take one.  My DD spit them out immediately at first with the same grossed out face and sometimes she would even cry when we tried to give her one.  She has gotten better about taking one (the MAM seems to be her preferred although we haven't tried the others since she decided to take that one some), but she will pretty much only take it when she's sleepy and full.

    Basically, when I'm holding her with her head in one arm and her body stretched out across me (typical baby hold, but her body is more turned in towards my tummy), she turns her head towards my arm with her mouth wide open and tries to suck my arm.  That's when she really takes the paci.  It still usually takes a few minutes before she'll really go at it though, and she usually spits it out/drops it after a few minutes, but then she starts looking for it and takes it back.

    If you are planning to get Sophie for when she starts teething, you might go ahead and try that too.  We just got one for DD and she took to it immediately and went to town sucking on Sophie's face.  FWIW we started trying pacis at about 2.5 weeks and DD is now 7 weeks and we have 8 different kinds in our house now.  Tongue Tied

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