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Sposies are absolutely disgusting!

I've broke down and bought some disposables for dealing with my daughters yeast and strep diaper rashes because of the heavy creams and prescriptions we are using.  I was washing diapers daily, using bleach, grapefruit seed extract and tea treee oil and I am a worried wreck scared I'm destroying my diapers, so I went for the sposies thinking it would be easier.  All I can say is YUCK.  They smell TERRIBLE.  So much perfume, I can't stand disposable baby wipes-you need to use 5 of them to get the job of one cloth performance.  UGH.  My daughter seems to hate them and cries everytime I put a sposie on her, she misses her soft cloth.  Hopefully these rashes will clear up soon.
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Re: Sposies are absolutely disgusting!

  • We use them PT, night and when out sometimes. It depends on the brand, huggies smell the worst IMO, pampers arent so bad. Luvs are ok. I like Huggies senstive wipes, no smell and they are thick. If I buy cheapo wipes they are so thin I need a ton to wipe a butt. 


  • Did you buy Luvs?  If so, I totally hear ya.  They are terrible.  The Up and Up brand don't have perfume.

    BTW, she is probably crying from the wipes.  If she has a rash, they burn.  Even the fragrance free.  Either rinse them out first, or use paper towels and wet them.  

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  • Oh good god.. I can't even have Luvs in my house! 

    And it's definitely the wipes - they BURN.  I suggest cheap baby washcloths from Dollar Tree, with either plain water, or water with a few drops of tea tree, or my personal favorite, dampen the washcloths and spray CA baby diaper area wash on the cloth before you use it.  Then you can toss the washcloths.  




  • DH uses the Target brand Up and Up diapers and we like them.  We use CD's about half of the time and so far they're the only brand I like.

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  • I used Luvs for quite a while with my son, and then they changed that target diapers to the Up and Up brand and I fell in love.  I used them until DS was toilet trained and still do with DD part time when she's not in cloth.  They don't smell and are nice.  Someone brought me luVs a few months ago and I had to send them to the babysitters because I couldn't stand the smell!  I was also told no wipes at all for a yeast rash.  

    Hope it all clears up soon! 

  • Wal-Mart brand (Parent's Choice ) are pretty good for lack of smell. We use the Target Sensitive Skin wipes which aren't bad either.

  • I know you said you're dealing with yeast, but could you still use your cloth wipes? Then, you could bleach and treat them without worrying that you're wrecking your cloth diapers.

    Just a thought Smile GL!

  • We used 7th Generation while on vacation recently and they were gross too!! I could tell when DD had a hint of pee in there because they smelt horrible! So happy to have my CDs back!
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