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3rd Trimester

XP: heart-shaped uterus

I'm from first tri, but posting on other boards to get more responses.

Last weekend, I went to the ER with red bleeding, which ended up being from a small subchorionic hemorrhage. During the ultrasound, it was found that I have a possible bicornuate uterus (severely heart-shaped uterus..like the division goes almost all the way to the cervix). The u/s tech acted like it was no big deal and that everything would be fine, but of course I then came home and scared the crap out of myself searching it on google. 

I have an appointment with my OB on Monday and will discuss this then. But from what I read online, it looks like it is hard to determine exactly which type of anomaly I have while I'm pregnant. I also don't understand why this wasn't seen before by my OB, as I had two ultrasounds by my OB prior to the ER visit.

Any other ladies have this or another type of uterine anomaly? Have you had any complications so far or needed any interventions? The u/s tech at the ER says this probably explains the spotting I've had for a couple of weeks now. Any suggestions on issues to bring up to my OB?


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Re: XP: heart-shaped uterus

  • Hello and welcome to a club of really cool ladies who have a Mullerian anomaly. Haha, just kidding. I had a septate uterus which is similar to what you have. I had 3 surgeries to correct it. My advice is to join the yahoo group called Mullerian Anomalies and post there. They are very knowledgeable and helpful and I think you'll get more help there than here. Good luck! http://health.groups.yahoo.com/group/MullerianAnomalies/
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  • You sound exactly like me 7 months ago!! I had bleeding/spotting through my entire 1st trimester! Very scary for a FTM. I had no idea I had a heart shaped uterus either and I don't know why it wasn't picked up before,but oh well. After having a rough 1st Tri I didn't know whattoexpect through out the rest of the pregnancy, but i have gone to a high risk doctor every 2 weeks where they check my cervix length and measure the baby . That's one plus about having a heart shaped uterus , you will get to see your baby a lot! I have tons of ultrasound pictures! Anyway, I am 32 weeks and have not had any complications since, my OB has assured me that women with a heart shaped uterus can carry healthy babies full term and it's no big deal, the only risk is that you deliver early which is why they check you cervix! Good luck,I hope this help! And have a happy and healthy pregnancy and enjoy it, because it goes fast!!
  • My friend has one, although she has not had any problems with either of her pregnancies, she has had to get c-sections.

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  • Sometimes it is hard to diagnose with an ultrasound until the uterus is enlarged b/c of pregnancy. They never saw mine until I had my 18week ultrasound with DD. I wouldnt worry too much about anything you read online, they tend to be worst case scenarios. I have had easy pregnancies with dd#1 and this one, my only complication is that I make breech babies since they dont have room to turn and it's too risky for a version b/c of placental abruption. I have been warned by my OB that as long as I carry on the right, I should continue to have healthy but small babies, and if I do happen to carry on the left, I may not make it to term.

     Wait to talk to your OB before worrying, everyones case is different. 

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