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No heartburn yet, but WORST indigestion EVER

Is anyone else having problems with this and is there anything you can do to help it? It feels like the food I eat is just stuck in my esophagus and won't go down into my stomach at all. Sorry for the TMI but it tries to come right back up and I just sit and burp for hours...ughhhhhhhh! I have been trying to eat small amounts at a time instead of larger meals and it doesn't really make a difference. Even when I eat soft things like yogurt it happens. It wakes me up in the middle of the night too. I'm 35 weeks but this started around week 32/3ish and just keeps getting worse. I'm so glad I'm in the home stretch because I don't even want to eat anything anymore which I know is not an option. Suggestions or just sympathy please! LOL. TIA.

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Re: No heartburn yet, but WORST indigestion EVER

  • Goodness yes! I can totally relate. I try to drink water to help alleviate but all I can do is sympathize, hopefully someone has a good suggestion. It's terrible!
  • The only thing that helps me is to not eat past 8:00 and to take a couple of Maalox tablets, like Tums right before bed.  I used to have it so bad in the middle of the night that I would wake up aspirating because it would back up into my lungs!
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  • Ugh! It's like a giant liquid fireball in my throat. I totally understand. I have figured out what some of the trigger foods are so I try to stay away from those especially close to bedtime. 

    I always have Tums handy and I actually have started propping myself up to sleep at night. One of my friends is a few weeks ahead of me (I'm 31) and she has started sleeping in a recliner in her living room. 

    You totally have my sympathy! I could never understand why women were always in such a hurry to get these baby's out. Why not enjoy your pregnancy? But then I hit the 3rd and that's when it all went downhill so while I want my lil guy to stay put until June 1st, I now understand wanting to get the 3rd and it's yuckiness over with lol. 

  • Tums might help. Also do a google search for foods to avoid with acid reflux. My DD has a list that we use to help her avoid foods that may trigger a problem before bedtime.

    Mine has been getting bad enough that my doctor gave me a prescription for Zantac so I can get some sleep.

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