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Cloth Diapering

So, so, so grossed out.

So I bought a few fuzzibunz on CL that had a strange odor so I washed them and have been sunning then in the backyard on the line for the last...oooohhh... week or so.  It's been simply beautiful and I thought it might help. 

I go outside today and check on them.  There are clusters of tiny pinhead sized BUG EGGS all over the diapers and the microfiber inserts!!!  So I puked in my mouth and little and then I bleached them all.  At least that'll get the smell out.  And the bug eggs.

Anyone have experiance with THIS!?!?  I am in Kansas, if that means anything.



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Re: So, so, so grossed out.

  • I had bug eggs on a pf once, I just brushed them off and tossed it in  with the next wash.  NBD, it happens on occasion when you live in TX and hang things outside. lol
  • WHAT?!?!?  It happens sometimes and you use them again???  I'm sorry if I'm naive here, but I'm not sure I'd ever ever ever be able to use a CD that had bug eggs all over it - they could get inside and god knows where, and sure you can bleach the hell out of them, but oh my god... I wouldn't re-wear my own clothes if there were bug eggs on them, much less my underwear.

    This was not good to read just before bed. 

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  • You should google the mushroom diaper. Every once in a while someone will get maggots in their diapers during the summer.

    ::shrug::  It's not much worse than finding a sippy that been floating around in a hot car for a month that was previously full of milk. Some things kid related are just gross.

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