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XP: Adalyn's First Concert! *Update 3/31

Hello ladies!! I can't believe that Adalyn is 8 weeks old today! Her progress, although slow, has been coming along.  She is down to 1.5L of regular flow oxygen, a little on the high side of 40%.  She is getting her feeds over 45 minutes.  They tried to do it over 30 minutes yesterday, but it proved to be too much for her--desatted a few times.  Today she has been getting them over 45 minutes and has had no problems.  She is up to 4 pounds 3 ounces and the Preemie diapers are starting to actually fit her! Soon they'll be too small and she'll need the Newborn ones! Smile

I also signed consent for her to get her first set of vaccinations! She'll get them when she is 60 days old (Wednesday) over 2 days.  She will be getting vaccinated against Pneumococcal, polio, Hep B, DTP, and Hib-- 7 diseases in 3 shots (DTP is for 3 diseases, diptheria, tetanus, and pertussis).  She will get the DTP, Hib, and polio in 1 shot (pediarix) and Hep B separate on one day.  Then, she will get Prevnar (pneumococcal) the next day. 

Adalyn also attended her first concert today given by her daddy! This past summer, for our 5 year anniversary, we went to Hawaii.  While we were there, DH became interested in ukeleles, since you see and hear them pretty much everywhere.  DH plays guitar and was interested in this instrument.  We thought about buying one while we were there, but the ones that weren't play/souvenir ones that we saw were like $700! So, for Christmas, I bought him a decent ukelele (nothing fancy)--really, a beginner's one--to mess around with.  So today we brought the ukelele to the hospital to play for Adalyn, to see how she liked it. She LOVED it!

DH basically picked at it and played some random melodies, etc.  He also figured out how to play Yankee Doodle Dandy, and Adalyn enjoyed the whole thing!  She was awake for some of it and slept for the rest.  I could tell she like it because her face was relaxed, and the monitors showed me that her heartrate was low and her sats were high.  We did this for about 3 hours--the time between her 11am and 2pm Hands On. 

DH looks so silly playing the ukelele since it is so small.  However, I told him, tiny baby=tiny guitar. :) When she's bigger and is home, we'll try her out on the big guitar. However, I think that the ukelele will always be soothing. :) 

Have a great weekend everyone! 


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Re: XP: Adalyn's First Concert! *Update 3/31

  • Aww, glad she liked her first concert!  What a cute story, and what a precious girl.  She looks great, and I love hearing these great updates.  I can't believe she's over 4 lbs now! 
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  • Love hearing about her progress.  Keep growing Adalyn!
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  • I am glad to hear she is going so well! Keep growing Adalyn!!
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  • She is really looking great!!! And wow, over lbs now! Go Adalyn!
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  • Yay, Adalyn!!! She is just growing like a weed - yo'u must be so proud of her!! I'm glad she enjoyed her first concert! My husband's family is from Hawaii and DD's grandfather writes and plays songs for her on the ukulele. She loves it! Maybe one day Adalyn can have her very own baby one :)
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  • Awwww, she has come so far!  And I love that your DH could seranade her... maybe a pic of him with the tiny ukelele next time.
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  • So cute! So glad she is doing well!
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  • Love all the positive updates!!! And I especially love the adorable pictures!!
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  • That is so sweet!

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