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Prepping prefolds

I'm boiling some brand new prefolds as per the FAQ instructions. I just got to wondering, how many should be done at once? I'm doing 3 in a pretty huge pot right now. Not sure if it should be one at a time or more? Also, do I need to make sure they stay completely submerged the whole 30 minutes (like keep pushing them down with a spoon)??
Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Oh also, do I need to dump the water after each batch?

Re: Prepping prefolds

  • You can put as many in the pot that will fit as long as they can move around and stay mostly under water. You do want to change out the water between sessions. I usually boil a tea kettle at the same time to reduce downtime. I poke at them with a spoon, but I don't know if you have to.
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  • Okay thank you!!
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