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Is it worth it? Anyone have any success stories with it? My lo is constantly spitting her paci out of her mouth. This makes it difficult during car rides because I usually have to reach back and put it back in.  I was wondering if the WubbaNub would help!?
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Re: WubbaNub

  • It hasn't worked for my almost 2 month old yet...
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  • Ive been wondering the same thing. My LO always spits it out and then starts screaming bloody murder until I put it back in.
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  • Doesn't work for 7 week old DD.  She isn't keen on any pacifiers but will take a mam once in a while.  The soothie style on the wubbanub didn't do it.

    They are super cute though and some people love them

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    Works for us!  Well it still gets spit out but at a lesser rate than the regular ones!  You can roll up the little guy and prop it in the mouth. Or lay it flat when LO is sleeping with her head turned. 
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  • DS LOVES his WubbaNub! I'd definitely recommend it! 

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  • I DIYed one and love it! My son will still spit it out in the car sometimes, but it makes it SO much easier to reach back and find it to put it in his mouth. It was really simple to make to, using a stuffed animal we had gotten as a baby gift and the soothie pacifier which he already had/used.


  • We LOVE her wubbie. Kinz is almost 8 weeks and she is on her fourth one. The dang dogs think its their chew toy :(
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  • My DS is 4 weeks and loves soothies (I put it on a booginhead paci holder) and I got him a WubbaNub a week ago on a gf's recommendation.  He has not taken to it at all, but I'm hoping when he starts using his hands more he'll like it.
  • i got one because i heard rave reviews about how great it is, but honestly, i havent seen it help my LO out. she likes it and i think its cute, but it doesnt solve my problem. she does have an easier time holding it in her mouth (i think because there is more to hold on to), but it falls out just as easily once she moves her hand or falls asleep. maybe its just a matter of time before she learns to put it back in her mouth since she is holding on to it.
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