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Strep & yeast diaper rash - suggestions and help needed please?

Ok, my daughter has both.  Anyone still using their cloth diapers through this situation or did you switch over to sposies during this frustrating diapering trials.  I thought about putting her in only prefolds no cover to help her dry up, but then the pastes they want me to put on her are so not cloth diaper safe.  HELP. 
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Re: Strep & yeast diaper rash - suggestions and help needed please?

  • We tried various CD safe creams with a yeast rash, and it just kept getting worse.  We got a prescription for Nystatin (which worked really well with the rash!) from our pediatrician.  We ended up using liners with CDs at home, but sent sposies to daycare after some CDs came home slathered with diaper cream.  It's the only time we've ever used sposies, but it was worth it to get rid of the yeast!
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  • We cut up receiving blankets for nystatin, and now bactroban.  We also coat him in CA baby diaper rash cream, since it contains tea tree oil too. 

    I also pump him full of probiotics.  That'll help balance the body's natural yeast.  Culturelle makes a powder for kids, you can sprinkle it on applesauce, or mix in it water or juice.  It's completely flavorless.  

    I also wash the diapers with tea tree oil, and then bleach every few days to be extra safe.  We've been dealing with it for a while, so I don't play around!  




  • my pedi said to use over the counter anti-fungal.  That's right, jock itch!  You have to wash all things that touch the bum with bleach to get rid of the yeast, so that goes for changing pad covers and towels. 

    I ended up using disposables for the first few days, but I always like to put her in cloth for nighttime since that is the longest time she goes in a diaper (10+ hrs), i like her bum to breathe.  So, i just put a fleece liner on and threw it out instead of washing.  

     We got her back to cloth after a few days, but continued to wash with a little bleach in prewash cycle for a few more washes.  

     After the antifungal cream for a few days, I switched to using coconut oil (bought at whole foods a tub for $10).  It is cloth diaper safe and anti fungal so it works against yeast.  

     Yeast lives off moisture, so do more diaper changes, and i feel like the cloth helps the bum breathe more.  GL

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  • I'm currently battling a very stubborn yeast rash (going on two weeks). I tried for a week to continue with cloth, but after scrubbing my pockets with Dawn and a toothbrush to remove the zinc oxide I gave up. Plus I didn't like that I was having to use oxy bleach with every load to kill the yeasties.

    The only thing I am continuing with is cloth wipes so she's only wiped with water and grapefruit seed eo.

    Sometimes it's necessary to cross the to the dark side of sposies temporarily.

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  • I cannot commend TTO enough! Nothing worked for us until I started adding TTO to the wash and added TTO to a bit of coconut oil to use as a rash cream on her bum. It worked almost instantly! I did her wipes too with a solution of water, TTO and coconut oil. 




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