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Question for Charlie's Soap users...

Do you use only Charlie's and no other detergent on other laundry? I started using it and kept using Seventh Generation on our clothes, and my diapers started repelling after a very short time. We have hard water, so I'm not sure if that makes a difference or not. Having a hard time finding the best wash routine for us. Thanks!

Re: Question for Charlie's Soap users...

  • We Charlie's for everything.  Diapers, our own clothes, baby's clothes, etc.  On the Charlie's soap website it says that Charlie's works best when you use it exclusively without using any other detergents or fabric softeners.  I also prepped my washing machine with the Charlie's soap as per the Charlie's website recommendation.
  • soap + hard water could easily cause repelling. Either add a softener (borax, washing soda, or calgon) or move on to another detergent. I've never had a problem using other detergents on non-cd laundry.

    Some things just don't mix with some water. I've had a detergent give me repelling within a week or two - it got used up on household laundry and I switched to something that didn't ruin my diapers.

  • Try adding calgon to the load it should help with the hard water.  1/8 cup - 1/4 cup powedered should do. Charlies does not recommend using other detergents with it .. that your washing machine will somehow become some weird science experiment doing that.  Try stripping with RLR and use only charlies for awhile and see how it goes.  I have super sensitive skin and charlies is the only detergent I can use that doesn't give me a rash.  Its pretty good for the environment also.
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  • So no one else finds it suspicious that soap company claims you can only use their product in your machine?

    I think that's a load of crap. Normal detergents don't leave (much) residue in the machine, and if they did a better detergent should remove it no problem. Not cause repelling.

  • Ditto Token... we use charlies only on the diapers, and whatever else we like on the rest of the laundry with no issues. That's not your problem. Try calgon, and strip your diapers. If that doesn't help then try a different detergent.
  • Yeah, I don't really buy the only using Charlies thing either.  I am loving Charlies for my diapers though.  I use All F&C for everything else.  I think once it's gone though, I will likely just use Charlies....but not because of the build up thing.  I like that it has super low suds. 
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