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I love pockets! But on a newborn?

I cloth diaper my DS, but I started when he was around 6 months old. I really prefer pockets, my favorite being the Rumparooz. However, I just found out we are expecting #2 and I thought "I have no idea how to cloth diaper a newborn!" My DS was 9lbs at birth, so I don't think I have to worry about the gap when they can't fit into any diaper, but I'm just curious what you guys liked best on newborns? Is it prefolds and covers? Or should I stick with pockets?


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Re: I love pockets! But on a newborn?

  • I really liked our nb gmd prefolds and thirsties xs covers for our son. They just fit so well compared to our os pockets.
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  • I am CDing a newborn and I'm using a mix of GMD newborn prefolds and Kissaluvs size 0 fitteds, with Thirsties Duo size 1 covers for everyday/ around the house, and Rumparooz pockets for going out. My LO was around 8 lbs. when I started using the RaR and they fit him fine.

    ETA: I should add that they're a lot bulkier on him than the prefolds, but I haven't had any leaks yet. : )


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  • I loved using prefolds and covers, with a mix of fitteds for the most part during the newborn stage. I had 3 BG AIO's that I would keep in the diaper bag. Pockets became my favorite once he chubbed up a little bit (around 3 months old or so). He was 8lbs when he was born, but it still took a while for the pockets not to leak for us, since he had chicken legs.
  • We are renting a newborn package from a local CD store and they gave us a mix of diapers. I love the fuzzibunz xs pockets but my husband prefers the prefolds and covers. He hates stuffing the small pockets - his hand doesn't fit! We have used a rumparoos OS pocket on him with no leaks but it's pretty bulky. 
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    I really liked our nb gmd prefolds and thirsties xs covers for our son. They just fit so well compared to our os pockets.

    This.  But Rumparooz pockets are pretty small compared to other brands, so they might work for a bigger newborn. 

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  • I agree with others, prefolds and covers were much trimmer, but if the bulk doesn't bother you, pockets work.

    Also, be careful with size predictions - my first was 9 lbs also, and my second was only 6.5! I had my stash all ready for another monster baby, and I ended up with a peanut! 

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  • Prefolds and covers (Thirsties) were and still are my favorite in NB stage and beyond. We also used BG XS AIOs. 
  • We didn't start with pockets until about 8 weeks - we were changing him so often early on that we would have gone broke having enough to avoid having to do laundry twice a day.
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