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MN for Greta please

Hello again ladies!  I posted a few weeks ago about MNs for the name Rhett if this LO is a boy, and you all gave some GREAT suggestions!  We are staying team green, so we're trying to narrow down our list to one boy name and one girl name Smile

So, now I've returned for some MNs for Greta if LO is a girl.  So far we can only come up with two:

Greta Claire

Greta Pearl (is this weird since Greta actually means "pearl")

Again, our last name is long and German... so we're trying to keep the MN short if possible.  TIA! 

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Re: MN for Greta please

  • I love Greta, good choice! Yup, I believe both Greta and Pearl are associated with Margaret. Despite that fact, I don't mind the back to back meaning. My Mother's name is Helen Elaine (same senario). I don't usually like Claire but, the combo Greta Claire is pretty, maybe I would choose this one first. GL!



  • Ds's names both mean "warrior." I think it actually helped in choosing a mn bc it just seemed like the obvious choice :)

    What about Greta Elise, Helena, Renee, Leigh, Kaye, Noelle (my fav) 

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  • I liked pp Greta Leigh
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  • Greta Loiuse.

    I do think Greta Pearl is a but odd but I don't think most will know the connection. 

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  • Greta Lorraine?
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  • I love Greta Pearl. I don't find it weird that Greta means "pearl." It sounds darling, and it's not like anyone would know, anyway. Worst case scenario: one day, your daughter finds in a baby book that Greta means "pearl." She says to herself, "Huh. Wonder if they knew that when they named me?" And life goes on.
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  • Greta Simone
    Greta Meredith
    Greta Charlotte

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  • Greta was on our short list with DD and we were going to use the mn Noelle. 

     I'm not a huge fan of Greta Pearl but Greta Claire is nice.  

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  • I dont really like Greta and Pearl together... the two names together are just kind of too much IMO, sorry.

    I like:

    Greta Cecile/Cecily

    Greta Rosette/Rosalind

    Greta Georgia (even with the alliteration)

    Greta Renee

    Greta Olive

    Greta Elizabeth


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  • My sister's name is Gretta (with 2 t's) and her middle name is Jane. I love it an gave my LO the same middle name. 


    Very unique! 

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  • Thank you ladies!  I like several of the suggestions, and I'm glad we have a few more to pick from now Smile

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