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I'm New! & Question about Peeing...

I just had my baby girl this past Sunday via cesarean!  Her name is Anya; she weighed a whopping 8 lbs. 9 oz. and was 22 inches long.  She is almost my exact clone when I was born...blue eyes and TONS of black hair (only I was much smaller than she is).

My question about peeing is that I've noticed since last night that she hasn't had a full BM, she's been having little spurts of poop come out when she passes gas, and the past two hours I've changed 4-5 really wet diapers.  My milk came in Wednesday late afternoon and I'm exclusively breastfeeding.  I was wondering if this is normal for her to be having so many wet diapers and hardly any poop.  Anyone having the same problem?  I'm not worrying about it yet since it hasn't been a full day of no BM, but I'm curious if I SHOULD be worrying about it.

Thanks for any input!  Also, Hello to all new mommies and I hope we can all help each other out for these first 3 months enjoying our beautiful LOs!

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Re: I'm New! & Question about Peeing...

  • The pee diapers are a great thing!! Since she's only had colostrum thus far the small amounts of poop are fine as long as its soft. Don't worry, she'll have a blow-out for you soon.

    Just FYI babies can go a couple days without pooping and the pedi says its fine as long as when she does its soft.

    Congrats on your girl. I had mine on the 15th by Csection as well and she was 8lbs 12oz and 23 inches. Here's to big girls!!!

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  • Thanks for the reassurance!  It's good to know that, if she doesn't poop today, I shouldn't worry about it just yet.  Something else I wondered about was, all these books and things say that there should be a color change at day 4, but she was still having dark green on day 5...hope that's normal, too.

    Yes, big girls are great!  Congrats on your LO.

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  • like the pp said all those pee diapers are great!  don't worry about the color change just yet, i bet when she has a big poo it will start to lighten up with your milk coming in just recently.

     all my girls were bigger too!  my first was 9 lbs 2 oz!!  she paved the way for her three sisters who were all 8 lb babies!  yay for big healthy baby girls!

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