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Baby Shower today!

We are having our first baby shower today! (We have another one at the end of April because my parents are divorced).  I am really excited to see everyone but most of all I am soo very thankful for my DH.  My MIL and my Dad are hosting the shower but my MIL and my DH have been doing everything...from cleaning to cooking and decorating.  Most Dad-to-bes don't do much for the shower, but he is a chef and wanted to help, he even stayed up last night getting things ready while I went to bed early because I have an ear infection.  When I woke up he was asleep on the couch because I was taking up the whole bed and he didn't want to move me! I couldn't have married a better man, and I know I am going to be happy to see my family and friends today, but I am most thankful for him! :)
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