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Mommies with PCOS!!!

Okay ladies I need your help majorly! My friend has PCOS, she is currently 6wks pregnant. She's been taking the prometrium for like a week and a half. She started having brown light bleeding last night and it stopped after a few hours. She went to ER. They did an ultrasound baby was 6weeks and had a heartbeat. They took forever to check her progesterone and give her the results. It was only an 8. They gave her suppositories also but the doc said it could cause more bleeding since the blood is there? And irritate her cervix?

My question is for this with PCOS were/have the pills been effective for you? Anyone have trouble with the suppositories? To me it seems like they would stop the bleeding and calm the cervix, that's what progesterone does, right? What other treatments/supplements do you take? How much progesterone did you take that seem to level you out? 

I am on the IM shots of progesterone so my experience is with them. The ob she went to says they only use for IVF, which i said was bs cause my ob uses em and I know several other ladies that use em too. Our local docs are plain stupid.  And this being the weekend she can't try to see my ob and is desperate for some advice.

Shes knows a miscarriage that is going to happen will happen. But when you have diagnosed PCOS and you don't make the hormone rightly, you think obs would be more inclined to take this seriously and treat it differently. 

Thanks again ladies!  

Re: Mommies with PCOS!!!

  • I have pcos and my first pg I was put on the suppository progesterone, my level when checked was a 6, the pregnancy continued and we saw the heartbeat twice, unfortunately we lost the pregnancy at 12 weeks. After my mc my doc upped my dose of metformin (not all women with pcos take this and it isn't always necessary) to 2000 mg, I started on clomid and got pg. my initial blood draws showed more than doubling hcg but low (7.9) progesterone. I was put on oral progesterone twice daily. I am 29 weeks pg right now.  I was told that the suppository can cause irritation and bleeding, I did not personally experience this during my usage. 

    Here's the deal - everyone will react differently from different meds and each lady with pcos has different problems.  Some pregnancies are unfortunately doomed from the beginning, the best thing for your friend to do is trust her gut, work with a competent ob, and wait. 

     I am really sorry she is going through this difficult time, I am sure she appreciates your support.  


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  • Oh that is definitely true about each person be different. I know don't know about the metformin, I'll make sure to ask. Thanks for responding. I think her biggest problem right now is her ob is not very forward thinking and it's in the proactive stage right now. Seems more like she's waiting for a miscarriage to change something which is dumb to me. Especially when they weren't checking progesterone levels right away. Hopefully this baby hangs on and she can get to a different ob on Monday. 

    Congrats on being 29 wks! That's awesome.  

  • I was also on metformin (2000mg) when I became pregnant.  I also needed clomid as I do not ovulate on my own.  In may 2011 I had a c/p.  This time around my levels were good.  My progesterone was actually high because I had ovulated more than one follicle and had several corpus luteum cysts that led to my progesterone being almost 40 at 6 weeks. I never needed any pills, suppositories, or injections of progesterone.

    Like you both have said.  Each person and each pregnancy is different.

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