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Are these feelings normal?

I love my DS more than I ever thought I could love someone but part of me misses the freedom of watching a show or eating dinner uninterrupted and having alone time with DH sometimes or getting a good night of sleep. Having DS obviously outweighs these feelings and the sacrifices are 100% worth it of course. I think I'm just having trouble adjusting. I'm such a planner and love predictability and keeping a clean house and cooking etc and I think once we have a solid routine I'll feel better. DH also currently works till 10:30 and weekends and I hate it, but he's starting a new 9-5 M-F job soon and I'm hoping that helps too. Anyone else have these feelings?

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Re: Are these feelings normal?

  • Me! I am also a planner....type A personality you could say. Being that I cannot plan or predict how my day or night is going to go is rough for me. My DH and I prayed hard to have our DS. We love him more than anything in this world, but it has been a major adjustment for both of us. There is no longer quiet nights on the couch or lying in bed watching tv with one another. I know it will not be like this forever, but sometimes I do miss what was. 
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  • Ditto to all of this. Even DH's work schedule lol. (he works 1-10 m-f). Especially with the warmer spring weather coming up. Last spring I hung out with friends from work about once/twice a week at a bar near work, and had a couple pool parties after work during the week, and I'm sad I won't be able to join in on the fun this year.
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  • I think these feelings are normal.  I love my DS more than anything, but it kind of overwhelms me sometimes to think that so much has changed and that my world pretty much revolves around him now and will for a long time.  Things I used to be able to do require so much more thought and planning now!

    But then I think of how much joy he has already brought to my life and I can't imagine him not being here.  Yes, I've sacrificed some things, but the sweet moments I have with him now are so worth it.  

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  • I think it would be abnormal NOT to have those feelings.
  • I agree that these feelings are completely normal. I feel like I can't get anything done these days and my usually clean house is a mess. I know DD will only be this small for a short time though so I've decide to try to just enjoy her and not stress too much about the mess
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  • Me. I miss all the days baby-free but I love having DS. Maybe ask a friend if they can watch him for a little bit while you go out, take a nap, etc.?
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  • image LovemyDuck20:
    Me. I miss all the days baby-free but I love having DS. Maybe ask a friend if they can watch him for a little bit while you go out, take a nap, etc.?
    Agree with PPs, just had to say, Love your "laughing" baby picture!!!
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  • I could have written your post myself! Oh, what I would give for one uninterrupted meal...

    My Colton...Growing up so fast!


    And Coralee, his baby sister...On the way!

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