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Baby Book?

Are you planning on getting a baby book?  I saw a cute one at Buy Buy Baby that I liked, but I'm just wondering if I'd actually fill it out.  There seem to be a lot of pages in there that I wouldn't necessarily take the time to fill in...However I don't want to NOT have any kind of baby book whatsoever.  My parents still have mine!  So then I was thinking, maybe I'd make my own on Shutterfly or some similar site...but would I really actually take the time to do that when I'm so busy with a baby the first year? 

Just wondering what everyone else plans on doing, if anything!

ETA: Here's the baby book I had seen!  (Our nursery is classic Winnie the Pooh)

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Re: Baby Book?

  • I looked at about 10 different ones at Barnes & Noble. Some were more informational with less area to write. Some had a lot of things that I didn't feel like writing about, for example, a lot of fill-ins about who your doctor is, contact info, etc. I wanted something were we could put in a few u/s photos and belly pics, write about symptoms, telling people, things like that along the way. I found the perfect on that works for us. I am going to start filling it in this weekend!

    ETA: This is the one I got....

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  • I bought one for ds.  It is probably 75% complete, but I figure that is better than nothing.  My mom filled out one for me that I really liked looking at as a kid.  I plan to get another one for this baby.

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  • I don't think it'd actually fill out a book where I do think I'd make one on shutterfly.  I'd also probably keep a memory box where I could keep small items you'd usually put into the book.  I was also sad that my parents gave up on my baby book after a few pages. . . The classic pooh is adorable though
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  • I don't really like the fill-in journals where they ask things like what is mommy craving this month, etc. It's just a lot of information that I don't necessarily care about.

    I was thinking I would do a shutterfly album for the pregnancy and baby's first year. I do these for our vacations and family events, and they always turn out so well, and you can order additional copies for the grandparents. Another plus is that there will be no blank pages where you stopped filling it out or the page wasn't applicable to you, so you won't have your child later asking why you didn't fill out his or her whole book!

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  • I'm registering for this book: but we're also planning on putting together a book on snapfish of pregnancy and baby photos. 
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  • I hate most baby books because of all the stupid fill-in stuff  --- I have no real interest in recording for posterity that Lady Gaga was #1 on the charts when the baby was born.  

     I got this at BRU and like it because it has a few pages for pregnancy-related notes, and also for baby-related milestones, but all of the pages are bound with these screw things that you can open up to remove any pages you don't want from it.


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  • You all have just inspired me to order a book! I've been keeping my daily symptoms & updates in email form, but have been wanting to transfer everything into a more creative keepsake. I just ordered these:
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  • I have this pregnancy book and love filling it out!

    I will buy a baby book b/c DH is into that (he bought me the pg journal when we started IVF and it's been stored away til now). I don't know which baby book, but I like the idea of having a spiral bound one that you can remove unnecessary pages.

    I know the first year will be busy,  but I think if I make it a part of my weekly routine on a specific day of the week, it'll work for me. I'm a planner/organizer so I know the baby is going to change a lot for me. But, I hope to be able to have some type of routine... we'll see :)  (haha, laughs knowing how ridiculous that sounds)  

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