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What's your "goal" date?

Ideally, yes it's the EDD or 37 weeks, but I know there are some who have special dates in mind.

Mine is July 4th. I'll be 35 weeks on July 4th and it seems like a kick ass day to celebrate making a goal. My previous doctor and this doctor feel that 35 weeks is safe especially if LO measures ahead.

Re: What's your "goal" date?

  • Haha, day by day right now!  It was May 31st, 37w5d, since it'll be 7 years since we started dating and seemed like such an amazing twin goal.   Now big goal #1 is 30w on 4/7 then 32w on 4/21, then 34w on 5/5.  If we could make it until at least 36 I would be the happiest momma ever!
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  • July 4th is my viablity day. So my next goal date that day too.

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  • My goal is to make it to 37 weeks, end of story.  That's June 25th.   I'll have a schedule c-section then.  I just can't handle the thought of any NICU time nor do I want to have an amnio done.  The needle scares me.
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  • Mine is September 3rd. It's really cheesy but I'm due September 4th and Labor day is September 3rd.  My whole family and myself think it would be really funny to go into labor on "Labor Day". Smile

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  • Mine is July 28. I will be 38w1d. I have no specific reason for that date, but I like it so that's my goal. If we are talking about a date that I would be comfortable going at before full term, it would be at least 35 weeks. 
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  • Mine is actually 4 days after my EDD. I would love to give birth on Father's Day.
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  • I'd like him to cook as long as possible! I'm having a scheduled c-section at 38 weeks on July 5th so I hope he stays put until then. It would be cool to have a July 4th baby though...
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  • I've never thought about it but I guess June 4th (EDD is June 3rd) would be cool. Only because it would be exactly 1 month before mine.  I was a July 4th baby. When I was younger it was a great day but now I'm older and have to do most of the work for get together and it kind of sucks but oh well.
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  • I have 2, one is May 29, DHs grandpa's birthday, which is 39w3d, the other is June 6, the day DH & I started dating, and that puts me at 40w4d! I have no reason to believe that LO will show up early since my sister & I were both late, so I guess we'll see in a couple of months!

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    I've never thought about it but I guess June 4th (EDD is June 3rd) would be cool. Only because it would be exactly 1 month before mine.  I was a July 4th baby. When I was younger it was a great day but now I'm older and have to do most of the work for get together and it kind of sucks but oh well.

    June 4 is a kick ass birthday, I should know ;-) 

  • Right now, April 22 when I'll be 32 weeks and the boys' chances of doing well increase pretty sharply.  After that, 36 weeks and I'm good (May 20, they'd be Gemini/Taurus cusp babies!)
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  • September 10th....if I make it to 36 weeks without pre-e and with a healthy baby I will be over the moon...anything beyond that is just icing on the cake.
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    I've never thought about it but I guess June 4th (EDD is June 3rd) would be cool. Only because it would be exactly 1 month before mine.  I was a July 4th baby. When I was younger it was a great day but now I'm older and have to do most of the work for get together and it kind of sucks but oh well.

    June 4 is a kick ass birthday, I should know ;-) 

    June 4th is totally an awesome birthday! I also know that for a fact!

    My EDD is June 3 but the doctors won't let me go that long with twins.  My first goal is April 22- 34 weeks and then My next goal is May 12 (DH finishes finals on May 11) and then if I haven't gone into labor yet my induction or c-section will be May 22. 

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  • My goal date is to get back 9/28 and 9/29 which is when we lost Logan and then his delivery. I will be 37 wks. My docors are not letting me go to my due date which is 10/18 and our anniversary which would be awesome. So I'm shooting for sometime early October.
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  • Anytime past 38 weeks on any day but Halloween! DS's birthday is NYE and part of me thinks he will love that when he is older but then part of me thinks its a bummer that his birthday spotlight has to be shared. So I am really hoping this baby is not born on a holiday! We also have family members birthdays on 10/18, 10/24 &11/02 so maybe not those days either.

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  • I'm due July 2 or 3rd.  I just want this baby to be born in July and not late June.  I don't know why but I prefer birthdays that are at the beginning of the month rather than the end of the month. 

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  • I want to make it to at least July 5th....I really don't want to miss our 4th of July party.  My OB wants to take my cerclage out the week before the 4th (I'll be 36 weeks that week) so I am soooo hoping I can hold on for another week.  I tried to talk him into taking it out at 37 weeks after the 4th but no dice. 
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  • Goal is 39 weeks.  Studies do show benefits of extra cooking all the way up to 39 weeks.  I had my first at 36 weeks and while he did well and went home with me, there have since been some issues that even being that little bit early put him at risk for.  So I'm hoping to go longer this time.

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  • I was just looking at the calendar and deciding on my goal the other day!  What a great question!  I'm shooting for June 5th or 8th.  I will be just shy of 40 wks and the 5th is DH's grandma's birthday and the 8th was my parents wedding anniversary.  The 5th is also either a full moon or the day after so FX for that day or at least that week!  Mostly  I just don't want to have to wait until 41 or 42 weeks...but I guess I will if I have to!

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  • My EDD is Nov 1 or 2nd, but I would love to have a Halloween baby.

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  • my c/s is scheduled for August 29th which is 38w 3d. August 27th would be neat b/c it's the feast of St Monica.  I'll take anything after August 19th though. 
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  • My ultimate goal date is June 28th-- my birthday and exactly 1 week before my EDD. 
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