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pockets laundering ?

Do I need to remove what I stuffed before I wash or will it come out on its own?

I've been using a-i-2 diapers on DS, so pockets are new to me.


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Re: pockets laundering ?

  • I had the same question and in the FAQ people prefered taking them out. I'm not an expert, though. 
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  • I think you will get mixed reviews on this question.  Some say that they pull them out prior to washing.  A tip given was to put the insert in with the tag side closest to the opening so that you can just grab the tag and pull and not get your hands dirty. 

    Others have said that they just throw the whole diaper in the wash and the machine agitates the inserts out.

  • I have BG's and BB's and every time the inserts have been accidentally left in they have not come out in the wash. We take them out.
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  • I leave mine in and most times they come out on their own. When I go to move them to the dryer I check the pockets and remove any that may have not come out and make sure they do not smell and throw them in the dryer. It might be the difference from a front loader and top loader machine as to whether or not they come out. I might have one every couple of weeks not come out.
  • take them out.  thirsties has sleeve diapers that have openings in the front and back.  with those, they come out in the wash so no need to take out.  i used to use their size one for daycare when LO was little.  They were a Godsend since EBF poo doesn't need to be rinsed off.  Made laundry so much easier when i got home from work.  However, they did not fit the best when i moved her up to size 2 and so now we just use pockets.  For the most part, when she poos, it doesnt run all up the back, so i can take out the insert without getting anything on my hands. 
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  • thanks ladies!

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  • I typically take them out and put them in the pail.  If I forget or it's dirty, I leave it in through the prewash, then take them out while it's filling for the wash. 



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