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potty training

Hi All,

New to the bump (been lurking for a long while), and have a question regarding potty training. At what age are you all starting this? I am trying to work DS into this he is 2 1/2. I was also wondering what things you were doing to help LO know to tell you before they go. DS has been telling me only after he goes, lol.


TIA Ladies!

Re: potty training

  • We've been PTing the past couple of weeks and so far, she's doing really well. DD will turn 3 in May.  Boys tend to take longer-- I'm sure you are aware of this, so 2.5 is really young for boys to be PT'd.  Don't be surprised if he isn't ready yet.  DD started telling me when she had to pee/poop after we started the training process.  We placed her potty chair in the living room, in the exact same spot every day so she always knew where it was. We had her run around bare-bottomed whenever she was at home which helped a lot--she was able to get to the potty quickly and not have to worry about taking her pants down.  She only had accidents the first couple of days.  :) Now she just knows when she has to go pee and she says to me "I have to go pee-pee, Mommy" and then she runs to her potty cair.  Now, she still does not poop in the potty. She absolutely refuses, which is normal. She asks for a diaper and we let her poop in that.  After she poops we dump it in her little potty so she gets the idea that's where it's supposed to go.  After she masters peeing, I'll get more serious about the pooping in the potty. 

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  •  DS will poop in the potty and tell me beforehand. But peeing he just won't say. This is what I am working on now. I was thinking of while he is home put little underwear on him to see if that helps.
  • We're using Lora Jensens 3 day potty training method. She suggests starting at 22 months  DS is 21 months old but he was showinf so much interest that i figured it couldnt hurt to try.  We started on Wednesday. The first day was exhausting but yesterday it seemed to click and he's really getting the hang of it!  He hasn't completely mastered recognizing the urge to pee before it happens, but he dribbles only a little in his undies and then runs to the potty, so I take this as a great sign that he gets what to do and has full control of his bladder in that he's able to stop it and get there!  He pooped on the potty yesterday with no problem but today was a little bit of a challenge. I'm expecting it to take longer than 3 days but I'm in no rush and when he gets it he gets it! 

    Underwear is a great idea- it totally helped DS realize that it was so uncomfortable and definitely not the same as the diaper. Just fair warning, it was a little scary to him tho, so you have to be very patient and encouraging!  

    Good luck!  

  • For us it hasn't been an age that had us starting, but once my daughter started showing signs she was ready. We are still in the midst of training. She goes to daycare so the continuity from home to daycare hasn't been there...but it's spring break now (I'm a teacher) so I'm going to really work hard with her this week, because half the battle is preparing for YOU to be the trainer.
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  • We started last week. I put him in underwear one day and told him diapers were for babies. We've had a lot of messes to clean up, but he's made huge strides. He can hold his pee now and can pee on command. We've only had one success with poop, but he did that totally on his own, so I'm hoping it won't take too long.

    At this point I don't wait for him to tell me he has to go. I take him to the potty every 1-2 hours.
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