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Thirsties fit and stash questions

So, I've been working on my NB and size one stash. I have 15 GMD NB workhorses (orange edge) and 5 Thirsties size one wraps. From what I've read, the size one wraps work well with the workhorses. I know I'll probably need more, but so far this is my main NB stash. I also picked up 6 Thirsties fitteds size ones. My first question is, if the size one wraps work well for the NB stage, dose that mean the size one fitteds will work, too? Or are they going to be too big to start out with, kind of like OS's?

Second question: I'm wondering if I should buy more NB workhorses or get some of the small size (yellow edge) to fill out my NB stash? Is there a big size difference between the two? I know a lot depends on the size of my baby, but how quickly do you think we'll be out of the NBs and need something a bit bigger?

Third question: Since I already have 5 size one wraps and am planning on getting some size twos later on, is it worth it to invest in some of the small medium and large sized wraps? I picked up 1 Thirsties XS and 1 small whisper wrap, and I'm interested in getting a couple super brite wraps to see how they'll fit. I don't want to go over board, though, and get a lot more wraps then I'll need. What would you do? Maybe try the super brites in the medium or large sizes?
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Re: Thirsties fit and stash questions

  • If I were you, I'd order a dozen nb prefolds instead of more workhorse fitteds, but I'm cheap. I've never used the thirsties fitteds, but I have used their covers. I used their duo wraps (is this what you're talking about?) but found they didn't work very well at the beginning. I really liked the thirsties xs for the first few weeks. Now, we mostly use the duo wraps, and are still on size 1s. If I were you, I'd get some more xs and wait to get mediums and larges until your baby is bigger. I think we'll still be on the duo wraps size one for another few months at least.
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