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Does anyone use them? Do you like them? Are they better or worse than cloth diapers for babies?

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  • We get asked this often, scroll through a couple of pages of posts to get a more complete answer.

    Like anything there are some people that like them. Most people, however, don't. The covers aren't water proof, and they're more expensive than regular cloth diaper options (and even some hybrid options). One good thing about them, they've got a lot of marketing power behind them.

  • Oh thank you! I was doing diaper research last night and thought they were a great solution but glad for the resource here! 
  • I use them and love them! But like most things you have to try them out yourself to see if they work for you.
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  • I loved them at first due to the fact that they fit my tiny baby  well. They are a very trim diaper. Unfortunately, the learning curve with this diaper is high as you have to get a good "seal" around the legs. I have to change the gdiapers about every 1 to 1 1/2 hours or else I am likely to have a leak in the legs. Daycare does not really like the gdiapers. I use my small ones but will not be buying mediums once my LO outgrows them.
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